Diet & Weight Loss Inspirational Bracelet.(weight loss)

Weight Loss,

Not only is this bracelet pretty, it's also designed to encourage weigh loss and your dieting plan. Our Diet + Weight Loss bracelet uses gemstones said to assist in you a positive direction with your dieting efforts. Apatite gemstones are said to suppress hunger and raise your body's metabolic rate, Moonstone is a wonderful stone for dieting because helps to control hormonal balances, regulate sleep, increase self love. It also enhances the properties of the surrounding gemstones. Rose quartz is often used as a weight loss tool. It is believed the stone can help you to reach and maintain an ideal weight. Rose quartz is believed to raise your level of self-esteem and encourage self love Pink Jade helps one rid themselves of negative thoughts and bad energy, which in turn helps with self esteem and will power. We've also used butterflies in this bracelet's design. Butterflies symbolize change and a metamorphosis. Our Diet + Weight Loss Bracelet measures 7 1/2" and arrives to you in a gift pouch, ready for gift giving. Also included is a notecard with a complete description of the gemstones and symbols used in it's design.

-weight loss-

Customer Reviews

By Darla M. Singletary

I purchased this braclett and was concerned about the quality. I was amazed when it came in how beautiful and solid it was. Will buy from the seller again!

By C. Shore

This bracelet is beautiful, and well made. Fits my "average" size wrist perfectly. I'm hoping that by wearing this, it will keep me inspired to eat & be healthy - a pretty, visual reminder.
By katrina terry 

I recieved my bracelet today and I'm happy with my purchase and hope I accomplish my goal even by wearing this nice bracelet