TWINLAB Ripped Fuel Weight Loss Tablets, 120 Count .(weight loss)

Weight loss,
Ripped fuel a serious upgrade with our all-new, high-tech formulation. New and improved ripped fuel is powered by a potent fat burning engine that consists of two powerful phases for superior six-pack support. 

Customer Reviews :
# I was taking this product back in the days of ephedra....after the ban, this was one of the FEW weight loss formulas that still worked for me. Gives a great boost, but the OLD formulation used capsules that would sometimes get stuck (or at least that was how it felt to me) and cause some terrible heartburn.

These are not capsules, they are tablets, a GREAT upgrade for me, and I believe they are smaller then others on the market (still not small :~)

Controls my hunger and gives a boost....lasts about 4 hours so its easy for me to time it where I can still sleep. 

# By Boo

I have hypersomnia (a condition I have causes ecessive sleepiness during the day) and use energy supplements when prescription medication isn't an option. I've used other products in the Ripped Fuel line before. Unfortunately the ones I used to take have been either discontinued or renamed. For Ripped Fuel, and other supplements meant to assist workout and diet, I usually take them and do a little cardio to kickstart things, and soon I'm feeling more wakeful.

These specific Ripped Fuel tablets don't do anythign for me. I don't feel more wakeful, with or without a workout. I even tried taking 6 pills a day (2 pills, 3 times a day before meals) as the package suggests, way more than I would usually use as I'm rather petite, but it seems like they made me feel sick instead.

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